Tourist information for the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a cultural pearl with an heritage of many beautiful mediaeval villages and cities including the unique city of Prague, with it's old historical city center that is reckoned to be one of the most beautiful of the world.

So far 11 Czech cities and locations are on the UNESCO World Heritage list. In many ways the Czech Republic is a dream for the more sportive as well as the more cultural minded holidaymaker. There are many mediaeval Castles en cities. There are busy tourist attractions, but there are also stunningly beautiful and silent walking and cycling tracks.

The Czech Republic has only 10 million inhabitants. The distances are not to big, it never tales endlessly long drives to get somewhere interesting. And above all it is comparing to the Western European lifestyle still reasonable cheap. Public Transport and Entree tickets are cheap and accommodation is very well affordable. Most of the consumption goods are relatively cheap, besides the luxury products. The price level in the restaurants and cafes is about a third of that in the other West-European countries.

Since the collapsing of the infamous "iron curtain" tourism in the Czech Republic developed very well.
The Czech people are proud to say "our country has it all except the sea" Geographically seen the country is situated much more central in the new Europe than Switzerland. It has the same beauty of Nature but less higher Mountain peaks.

You can use your credit card in most supermarkets and shopping centers. Internet en mobile phones are common use. The medical standard is very good and a visit to a doctor or dentist is very affordable.

A stay in the Czech Republic can be as cheap or as expensive as you want. And who doesn't´t want to spend his holiday in a comfortable surrounding for relatively little money.



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