Hotel Zámeček

The castle was built at the turn of the 19th century and has been the estate of a German industrial family.

It is situated outside the village of Kaplice and 10 kilometer from the Czech-Austrian border. It is an impressive spot in the middle of the unspoiled Bohemian woodlands. An oasis of silence but within a short distance of the tourist hotspots of South Bohemia.

Hotel Zamecek is a holiday destination where we will provide the traveler with an unforgettable and unique holiday experience.

Who are we ?

We are an energetic family from the Netherlands with a healthy spirit of enterprise.

In 2004 we bought the former castle Zamecek (which is Czech for small castle) and directly we started with the renovation. In 2005 the work was completed and we opened our hotel.

The Czech National Information Center recently showed a commercial on the American news sender CNN. The film spot ended with the lines "come to the Czech Republic to slowdown".



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